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The products of Skjern Papirfabrik:

  • Coreboard used for spiral winding of cores for kitchen and toilet rolls and cores for film, gift wrapping paper, carpets etc.
  • Greyliner used as cardboard in ring binders, books and puzzles.
  • Grey board – solid board used for lamination and boxes, packaging and display board
  • Sheets used as interleaves, drawing sheets and many other products.

Under products You may find more detailed information about the different products.



Skjern Papirfabrik A/S annually produces approx. 65.000 tons of paper and board on a Fourdrinier machine with Belmer turboformer topwire and Küster roll.

The paper machine is equipped with Valmet process control. It has a maximum trimmed width of 2,900 mm and produces in the grammage area ranging between 90 and 450 g/m².
The production of paper takes place at a working temperature of approx. 120°C in the drying process. In order to avoid unnecessary use of energy for heating purposes, our production operates round-the-clock. In this way we obtain continuous operation and a constant temperature in the drying section.

Jagenberg rewinder with minimal cutting width of 350 mm, maximum outside rewind diameter of 1500 mm and min. outside diameter 450 mm. Packing as required by customer.

Restatic slitter with fully automatic packaging as required by customer. The available cutting width is 50-250 mm, Maximum outside diameter is 1500 mm.

Raw Materials

75.000 ton of 100% recycled paper are used as raw material, primarily from Danish recycled paper sources in the qualities listed below:


  • Corrugated waste
  • Mixed waste
  • Cardboard waste
  • News
  • White shadings


Since 2013 it has been possible to by FSC certified products from Skjern Papirfabrik.



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