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Social responsibility is a fundamental element that ensures our organization is presented as a legitimate and responsible company within the industry.

There is an international expectation today that companies incorporate social responsibility in their work. Skjern Papirfabrik A/S is convinced that today it is a market advantage to focus on environmental protection, employee development, health and safety and other aspects of social responsibility.

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Skjern Papirfabrik A/S wants to appear as a socially responsible company by:

  • Complying with applicable laws in all areas.

  • Demonstrating transparency and compliance, including in the social sphere.

  • Being open for guided tours for e.g. educational institutions, associations and other interested parties.

  • Supporting the work of associations in the community.

  • Using local craftsmen and contractors, wherever possible, for the performance of external tasks.

  • Demonstrating zero tolerance for corruption.

  • Requiring fair competition and fair trade with customers and suppliers. The market advantages of Skjern Papirfabrik A/S shall be found in the supply of good products and services, and never in unethical and illegal marketing.

Skjern Papirfabrik has signed up to the UN Global Compact as a natural extension of the company's work as a legitimate and responsible company and participant in the international market.

Skjern Papirfabrik wishes to follow the Global Compact's 10 basis principles by:

  • Supporting and respecting human rights

  • Maintaining freedom of association and recognising the right to collective nogotiations

  • Denouncing forced labour

  • Denouncing child labour

  • Avoiding discrimination in matters related to working and employment

  • Being environmentally responsible

  • Working against all forms of corruption, including extortion and bribery

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